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YouTube2Discover all the video tutorials related to building tools and applications based on your spreadsheet knowledge. Come see how all the skills you have gained across all disciplines (functions, formatting, data analysis, charts, and more) come together to result in neat gadgets!

These applications range from organization tools (goal tracker, priority log) to analytic frameworks (movie statistical analysis, predictor tool, experimental design) to finance (stock analysis) to games (dice game, tic tac toe) to gadgets (prize drawing, t-shirt order collection).

Spreadsheets are tools for understanding and solving problems. Come discover all these here. You can click on any of the questions below to access the video tutorial. If you can think of any other ways spreadsheets can be transformed into a framework or application, go ahead and give it a shot!


Discover how to create a tournament schedule and score card like the one above!

Video Tutorials:

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