Below are recommended resources, articles, and books related to spreadsheets and education.

Spreadsheets in Education (eJSiE)A publication of the School of Information Technology at Bond University Queensland, Australia, this is a comprehensive electronic journal dedicated to the role of spreadsheets in education. In addition to offering peer-reviewed articles, it provides lesson plans and spreadsheet models for classroom use.

Spreadsheets: An Overlooked Technology for Mathematics Education: Dr. Steve Sugden, Professor of Bond University, reflects and provides guidance to educators of applying spreadsheets to math instruction.

Dr. Christie’s Using Spreadsheets in K-12 ClassroomsDr. Alice Christie, Arizona State University President’s Professor Emeritus, offers a variety of classroom activities with spreadsheets, data sources available for download, and additional resources. 

Middle School Math Lessons | Using Excel in the Classrooom: In this EducationWorld article, there are a variety of examples of how students can better understand pre-algebra and geometry concepts, as well as investigate and solve real-world problems.

Spreadsheets and the Development of Skills in the STEM Disciplines: Written by Sergei Abramovich, Galina V. Nikitina, and Vladimir N. Romanenko, this paper discusses practical uses of a spreadsheet in developing basic, professional, and advanced skills for career paths in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) disciplines.

Excel the Basics+ by John Baker: An accessible guide to Excel spreadsheets with topics ranging from how to get started, create and save worksheets, sort data, use formulas, make charts, print worksheets, and more.


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