Overview & Curriculum

We offer four levels in our guided tracks, which provide a recommended sequence of tutorials.  Click below on each track name to view the tutorials on our YouTube playlist.

Intermediate I
Intermediate II

These paths are simply recommended and by no means cover every topic. We want to provide you with a sampling of the major concepts of spreadsheet knowledge.

Each track consists of 10-15 lessons. Each lesson includes a video tutorial. Most also provide you with the referenced spreadsheet, which you can download, follow along, and try on your own. The spreadsheets are currently read-only:  so, to edit and experiment with them, first save a version of the spreadsheet onto your Google drive.

See our curriculum below, or click here:

While we recommend these paths, the sequence of the videos is by no means fixed! Many of the topics are “stand-alone” topics, meaning that they can be learned without any prior knowledge. However, there are some topics, particularly in the Intermediate II and Advanced levels where having an understanding the basics will help you better grasp them!

We have created playlists in YouTube, so that you can watch the videos within each track continuously. Click on the YouTube button to view the playlist.

  • 115952-youtube-youtube-logo-orangeThe Beginner Track provides an intro to spreadsheets.  This track is ideal for those who haven’t seen a spreadsheet or who wants to brush-up on basics.  Learn the basics to create frameworks that help you to make better decisions and to track goals!
  • 115952-youtube-youtube-logo-orangeThe Intermediate I Track delves into statistical functions, intermediate formatting and data analysis techniques, date functions, and unusual graphs.  These skills provide you with the tools to create a spending tracker and perform basic statistics on movie data.
  • 115952-youtube-youtube-logo-orangeThe Intermediate II Track focuses on logical functions, introduces a randomize function, and covers math functions.   The skills and techniques you gain will enable you to create games, build a order form, and analyze stocks.
  • 115952-youtube-youtube-logo-orangeThe Advanced Track begins with statistical concepts that allow you to create a best-fit line and make predictions.  We also focus on lookup functions, which allow you to build a random prize winner application and create a round robin tournament schedule and score card.  You’ll also discover how to create a pivot table.