Intermediate II

Welcome to the Intermediate I Track!  
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1.  Club Order Form:  Spreadsheet here!  

Set up an order form – great for anyone who tracks and collects orders.  To build this tool, we’ll need to understand Logical Functions – a topic we cover in more detail in this track.

2.  Introduction to IF: Spreadsheet here!  

In our first video on logical functions, we’ll introduce you to the IF function.

3.  Applying the IF function 

Do not worry if the IF concept is still a bit fuzzy.  It may take some time for this concept to sink in.  Let’s find out how we apply the IF function to the Club Form Order spreadsheet application.


The IFERROR function is also in the family of logical functions.  Discover how you can use this function to replace any error with another output that you specify!

5.  AND & OR 

The AND and OR functions are often used in conjunction with the IF statement.  What exactly are these functions?  And how can we apply them?  Check out the video


Even though the COUNTIF function includes the word “if,” it belongs in the math function family and not the logical function family.  We’re going to return to our movie database and discover how the COUNTIF and COUNTBLANK functions are an efficient and easy way to tally up specific items within a large dataset.

7.  Tic Tac Toe:  Spreadsheet here!

Why create an online Tic Tac Toe game?  1) you can play this game with a friend in the room next door, in the house across the street, or living on the other side of the world!  2) discover how to  3)  Who doesn’t enjoy a classic childhood game?

8.  Nested IF function 

One of the essential elements of the Tic Tac Toe game is the Nested IF function – which we cover extensively in the second half of the video (starting at 4:30 minutes).  In the first half of the video, you’ll discover what made this game tick and how to set up the functions that determined who the winner of the game is!

9.  Dice Game:  Spreadsheet here! 

Did you know you could create a standard dice using a spreadsheet?  Let’s discover how you can create your own dice game – and learn valuable skills along the way, including the randomize function, logical functions, and operator functions.  You can also incorporate the formatting skills you learned earlier (merge, alignment, add an image) into this application!

10.  Randomize: RAND & RANDBET

In this video, you’ll learn the RANDBET function, discovering the key to creating a dice.  You’ll also take a look at the RAND function, understand how it differs from the RANDBET function, and see how it is an ideal way to create random probabilities!

11.  Intermediate Operator Functions

In our Intermediate session on operator functions, let’s examine the CONCAT function (short for concatenation, which means to connect in a chain), which can come in handy when you want to easily link numbers or text together.  In the second half of the video, you’ll discover comparison functions, including greater than, greater than or equal to, less than, and less than or equal to.

12.  Stock Analysis:  Spreadsheet here! 

Do you own a stock and or are thinking about buying your first?  Use Google spreadsheets to help you analyze a stock!  Here you’ll discover how to pull in stock data, create a price chart, and calculate compounded returns, stock volatility, and a return/risk ratio.


13.  GoogleFinance

A powerful function, GoogleFinance offers you a wide range of financial data that you can pull into your spreadsheet.  With this function, you can access both real-time and historical data related to stocks and mutual funds!   For a list of all types of data you can access, click on the spreadsheet link above!    

14.  Candlestick Chart:  Spreadsheet here! 

Discover how you can create a candlestick chart that provides a visual display of a stock’s lowest price, highest price, open price, and close price!