How It Works

Not sure where to go? No worries! We have many resources here for you.

How do you learn best?

Are you a visual or auditory learner? If so, our video tutorials could interest you. Do you learn best by reading? Then perhaps our tutorial posts resonate with you. Learning by doing has always been my motto, so go ahead, download sample spreadsheets, and experiment!

I’ll break down these resources for you here:

Video Tutorials

Our Video library provides videos ranging from functions (discover what a function means here), formatting, data analysis, charts, and tools and applications! This library is a great way to find, learn, and refresh concepts.

Youtube 1Another way to access our videos is to click on the YouTube button to the left, which directs you to our channel. To receive notifications of new video uploads, subscribe to the channel!

For a structured learning experience, visit our Guided Tracks. Once there, you can pick a track (Beginner, Intermediate I, Intermediate II, or Advanced), each of which offers a recommended sequence of video tutorials. See our curriculum below, or click here.

Tutorial Posts

Our tutorial posts often reflect on how spreadsheets are a tool for understanding and solving real-life problems. Rather than continually checking this website for new posts, you can receive them in your email inbox. If this sounds like a good option for you, simply scroll down and enter your email address below.

Sample Spreadsheets

Check out our sample spreadsheets. When you click on each spreadsheet link, the spreadsheet will be in read-only mode. To edit it, you must first 1) log into your Google account, 2) Go to File and click on “Save a Copy.” A copy of the spreadsheet will be on your Google drive.

Getting Started

Did we mention that you can access Google spreadsheets for free? Yes, it’s true! The only way to access a Google spreadsheet is if you have a Google or Gmail account.

Don’t have a Gmail or Google account? Not a problem! You can also get an account for free. Here we’ll show you how to create your login and password for your account. Once you have it, you can log into the website: From there, you enter into your Google drive, which includes access to Google spreadsheet.

Check this out! We’ll walk through these simple steps in our video below: